History of Airmail

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Airmail history Airmail is one of the most efficient methods to deliver mail in the present and it is largely inconceivable for mail to travel through other mediums as long as it needs to do so efficiently. Airmail can be considered to be a technological breakthrough, given that it provided people with the chance to communicate more rapidly and that it actually played an important role in shaping history in particular situations. From the very first moment when people realized that they could use homing pigeons as a means to deliver mail society has started to progress more efficiently, taking into account that correspondence through rapid means also meant that innovative thinking would be shared effectively. While homing pigeons and balloons were certainly effective means to deliver correspondence, it was not until the invention of the airplane that people realized that they were witnessing one of the most important breakthroughs in the history of communication and of society as a whole. "A few people of insight recognized the utility of the airplane from the moment it became a practical reality" (Brady 125). As the service evolved, individuals realized that it had come to be indispensable, as people could no longer rely on using conventional means of sending mail. Airplanes provided the masses with the opportunity to communicate much faster and this meant that general technological progress was directly proportional with the evolution of airmail. Post offices across the
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