History of American Journalism Essay

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Humans, it seems, have an innate need to feel connected on a global level with one another. Our history as a civilization shows the importance that we have placed on sending and retrieving the latest news so that we may be ever informed on the happenings of the world. Beginning at first with the sending of messages of news to each other through conversations to the press explosion that Gutenberg set off with the invention of his printing press, people remained connected. The idea of public in the eyes of journalism has changed, in some aspects, over the course of time in America. In the beginning American’s were given Party Presses that were funded and exclusively wrote about wealthy political candidates at the time and in time came …show more content…
These, of course, weren’t the only literature being spread around during this time but two of the most prominent. As papers moved away from having a single rich beneficiary they needed to provided for their cost of operation and decided to do so through the use of advertisements. As the United States government did not choose to begin its own newspaper or to fund any of the existing papers, the use of advertising as a means to operate the newspaper became commercialized and the concept of acting like a business became strengthened. The first of such came from a man named Volney Palmer in 1841 who was the first commercial advertising broker. (Cramer 2009)
As newspapers became more and more popular a division in the readership became more and more notable. Throughout the 1830’s and 1860’s women and African American’s were forbidden to learn how to read and thus were left out of the new whirlwind of excitement that shrouded their daily lives in the aspects of political reform, economy etc. This rift in coverage and who was allowed to be seen as the audience through a mainstream lens lead to the creation of alternative presses which began prior to the Civil War in the form of abolition presses decreeing slavery to be inhumane. (Cramer 2009)
The ebbs and flows of popular opinion and dissent are spread forth throughout the written word history of America. Editors for centuries have decided what

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