History of Animal Testing Essay

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Animal Testing is when people use animals in experiments, to test their reaction to what is being tested. The range of animals used in testing is from tens of millions to more than a hundred million used annually. There has been much debate about this topic, because, animals are the most reliable sources to use, especially mice, because we share 95% of our genes with them, which makes them the most common animals to use. Although, many people think animal testing is crude and inaccurate science, but the other hand is, would we rather use humans?
Animal testing has been going on since 500BC, found in ancient Greek writing. People believed that animals were lacking intelligence so it didn’t matter to them. Although, Theophrastus disagreed, and objected to the way that animals were being treated, and said that like humans, animals can feel pain too. Although, in the 1600’s they found a very important discovery found by animal testing. English physician William Harvey discovered that the heart, and not the lungs circulated blood around the body. He found this as a result of his experimentation on live animals. Since 1948, animals have been used in a space program in the US, for testing aspects of space travel. Since the Vietnam War, animals have also been used in military training.
Every year, over 25 million animals are used in a series of different experiments. Some include cosmetics and biomedical experimentation. Invertebrates are much more common than vertebrates in animal…