History of Auguste Escoffier and Marie Careme

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Auguste Escoffier, “The emperor of Chefs” Auguste Escoffier was born in Villeneuve-Loubet,the Provence region of France in October 28, 1846. When he turned 13, his father took him to Nice where he apprenticed at a restaurant owned by his uncle, thus beginning the illustrious career that he enjoyed for the next 62 years. His culinary career took him many places, from the early years at the fashionable Le Petit Moulin Rouge and several other restaurants in Paris, to Monte Carlo, Switzerland, and London.  In 1870, when the Franco-Prussian War began, Escoffier was called to duty in the army where he served as Chef de Cuisine. It was during this period that he came to consider the need for tinned foods and was thus the first chef to…show more content…
Russe being the French word for “Russian”. Careme is also credited with inventing the French classic desert Napoleon Cake (Mille Feuille) while working as Napoleon’s chef. Napoleon like to eat Mille Feuille with strawberry favor, so it was named Napoleon cake. It has various flavours, from chocholate, strawbery, mango to berry. Careme was also interested in Architecture and applied it to dessert with is very impressive pieces montees and other creations that fascinated his contemporaries. (See pictures below) My Comment: First of all, I would like to thank both Auguste and Careme’s effort for what they have done in the food industry especially in the culinary field. Because of them we can now use or apply the things and knowledge that they had contributed to us in the late 18th century. Without them just imagine what a normal Restaurant kitchen would be without Escoffier’s Kitchen Brigade System? I guess it would be a total chaos and what about Careme’s four Mother sauces and his architectural designs in desserts? Just think what would be like in many special occasions especially in weddings? Without these ideas nothing good will happen to us. I actually admire them because at a young age they manage to be determined in many obstacles in life, they

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