History of Biblical Angels

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History of Biblical Angels Throughout history, you will find many religions discuss angels. But what is an angel? Is it a mythical creature with wings sent to protect you? Some may think so; others have different thoughts on the matter. But when did talk of angels first occur? Have they always been around? In this paper, I will attempt to define what an angel is and what they do. I will also discuss how angels differ between religions, as well as try to pinpoint the origin of angels. I will explain the similarities and differences between these religions and their ideas of angels. The term angel is derived from the Greek word angelos , meaning “messenger.” This word represents an earlier Hebrew word, mal’akh that is also interpreted as the role of messenger or minister. It is safe to say that many people will regard angels as messengers between Heaven and earth. In many biblical stories, angels are sending messages. Some messages are announcements of birth like the ones that were sent to Abraham and to Samson’s father. Other messages encourage actions as the ones did to Elijah and David. In these cases, angels were bringing messages from the divine world, or Heaven, to men and women in the earthly human world. It is believed that the messages with angels also work in the reversed sense as well; meaning from human being to angel to God. It is said that ‘the soul speaks to the angel, the angel to the cherub, the cherub to God.’ This type of communication would explain the

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