History of British Foreign Policy

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As indicated by the title, this project explores a provocative but yet scarcely studied, other than the works of renowned military historian Jeremy Black, facet of British Foreign policy which made Britain a global power and through for example American Independence laid the foundations for the current state of international relations. In brief my research paper argues two main points, the history of the balance of power theory predates modern Europe and its current state, and how British foreign policy was influenced not only by British desire for balance of power in Europe, but by geographic, historical, parliamentary, political and economic influence on foreign policy.
This research paper was the first venture into serious scholarship that has affirmed my passion for international relations, world politics and British diplomatic history; and it has given me the confidence to assert and contest my opinions about international relations theory, diplomacy and the current state of international relations across the globe. Continuing along these avenues of research in graduate school, I…
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