History of Capital Punishment Essay

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History of Capital Punishment

In the history of the world, the punishment for murder, or homicide, has generally been “the death penalty”. This seems to be the most logical punishment. If someone intentionally kills an innocent human being, why should he be able to live? Or should he? Should he be forced to suffer for the remainder of his life for this terrible crime? There are many arguments and opinions on this topic; many reasons why we should sentence murderers to death, but many reasons we should not. One main reason we should not sentence these people to death is the cost. It simply costs too much to put people on death row. A gentleman in Texas quoted estimates in two counties near his home. They both estimated the
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(Duke University,
May 1993/ www.essential.ura.ldpic) The cost in California is $90 million annually. The
State of Florida has spent an estimated $57 million on the death penalty from 1973-1988 to achieve only 18 executions. This is an average of $3.2 million per execution. (www.essentialorg.ldpic). In Indiana, $2 million has been spent for only defense costs. (www. Esseneial.org). The problem with spending so much money on this is when the county needs things for different areas such as roadway improvements, educational improvements, there is no money because it was all used on some psychopath who killed an innocent person. One example of this is in Washington, employee pay increases were placed on hold, its $300,000 contigency fund was depleted, and all capital improvements were placed on hold because all funds had been used on capital punishment trials. Sometimes, we sentence people to death row for killing someone, they get sick, and we spend more money for medical treatment. This was also a case in Washington:
Mitchell Rope was sentenced to death for murder, and after budgeting $346,000 for his3rd death sentence, money was being spent to treat his liver disease. Much money was being spent to fix his medical problem, then, he was to be executed. Many attorneys are now asking for a death sentence to be post-pone until adequate funding for attorney’s fees are available. In
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