History of Chemistry: The Advantages of the X-Ray Essay

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Every day, scientists are always looking into how to make technologies better. Inventions from the past have been innovated to work better, and faster than they have ever been before making things easier and quick to discover and work on. One of these inventions has been the X-ray. It was first discovered in 1895 by a German physics professor, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, who performed the first human X-ray on his wife’s hand. The X-ray has been around for a while now, and a plethora of changes have been made for the X-ray to work its best. The X-ray has brought many advantages into the medical field and has help save many lives. Before the discovery of the X-ray many things were impossible to doctors, and scientists. When someone was hurt,…show more content…
These health risks limit doctors/scientists to not expose the body to long or in to strong of rays. Therefore, the X-ray is a great invention however it has limitations In our society you see the X-ray everywhere even if you don’t realize, and most likely you have been x-rayed. For example, you see at airports when you go through bag check, the airports do this to make sure citizens are safe on airplanes and no one is bringing harmful things on the plane. Also, if you have ever been at the dentist most likely you have been x-rayed, so the dentist can see your dental structure and also see if you have wisdom teeth coming in. But the most common place we see X-rays is in the medical field. If you brake a bone, have a tumor, or have been shot you will be rushed to the hospital and now we have an advantage it will take literally minutes to figure out where the problem is. Look back a century and this would’ve taken way longer because you would be going through a physical examination. I think in the future X-rays will go really far. I believe one day scientists/engineers will come up of a way to film the inside of our bodies. Here’s the catch though, X-rays will no longer just take pictures of our bones; but videos of our organs, blood, nerve cells moving through our body, and maybe even something growing in it(infection, and/or cells). We are becoming technologically advanced really quickly so I doubt somewhere in the near future we won’t find a
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