History of Cherokee Culture and Food Essay

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Before there was a United States of America, there were tribes of Native Americans living off the land. In the southeastern part of the country, the largest group of Native Americans were the Cherokee people (Boulware, 2009). Cherokees are networked through vast kinship lines that separates them from other tribes in the region (Boulware, 2009). They once occupied a territory that ran throughout the Appalachian Mountains (Boulware, 2009). Cherokees spoke a common language known as Iroquoian, different from the surrounding tribes (Boulware, 2009). For the Cherokees, life centered around local villages. These villages were divided into different regions, the Overhill Towns, the Middle Towns, the Out Towns, the Valley Towns, and the Lower …show more content…
They quickly latched onto the concept of consumption. The Cherokees traded deerskins for tools, weapons, and manufactured goods(Boulware, 2009). This was the start of the downfall of Cherokee traditional ways and the start of their acculturation into “civilized” society. This lead to changes in the balance of power within the region. War broke out as different Indian tribes battled for control of trade with the British (Boulware, 2009). The Cherokee peoples often took the side of the British in local battles. The Yamasee War of 1715 pitted the Yamasee Indians and their allies against the colonists in Carolina(Boulware, 2009). The Yamasee were tired of the colonists' unfair trading practices and encroachments on their lands(Boulware, 2009). The Cherokees helped the British by killing a delegation of Creek who sympathetic to the Yamasee(Boulware, 2009). This brought about an alliance between the English and the Cherokees, while simultaneously starting a 40 year war among the Creeks and Cherokees(Boulware, 2009). These strained intertribal relations were continued into the Seven Years' War. The Seven Years' War, fought throughout the entire country, included the famous French and Indian War from 1756-1763(Boulware, 2009). The Cherokees fought alongside the British, sending 1,000 warriors to help in the war effort(Boulware, 2009). However, the war would prove to be a strain on their alliance and in the end would lead to attacks on each

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