History of Chinese Students Studying Abroad or in the U.S.

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Introduction: history of Chinese students studying abroad in U.S. The history of Chinese students studying in American universities dates back to the mid-1850s, when the first student, Yung Wing, graduated from Yale University in 1854 (Bartlett and Fischer Para. 8). After that. Qin Dynasty starts sending Chinese students to learned new sciences and technologies and we called “Westernization Movement”. The educational missions to the US were organized in the 1870s to train specialists who would create “better engines and iron hulls” for Chinese ships (Bartlett and Fischer Para. 8). The 1870s mission involved about 120 students, who were sponsored to study at the United States’ top universities. Since the 1870s, the number of Chinese students in American colleges has grown exponentially to become the largest population of foreign students in the US (Institute of International Education [IIE] 7). After the Qing court’s resistance to reform and by China’s weakness, Sun Yat-Sen led a revolutionary military uprising. During the regime changing time, people really didn’t know what democracy is. Therefore, more and more students chose to study abroad to learn about the western political system. Chinese students travel to the US to pursue a degree in Western colleges, which they consider to be among the best learning institutions in the world. Figure 1 Number of people studying in abroad in 1911-1949. RPC (Republic of China, Now this the government of Tai Wan) Japan 1107
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