History of Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering is the most oldest engineering. It manages and deals with the built environment and might be dated to the first time somebody placed a roof over his or her head or laid a trunk of tree over a river to make it easier to get over.
The built environment incorporates much of what characterizes advanced civilization. Bridges and buildings are frequently the first developments that come to mind, as they are the most prominent creations of structural engineering, one of civil engineering’s real sub disciplines.
"Civil engineering is field of designing sciences, identified with design, development, maintenance and constructions of the building, bridges, dams, tunnels, roads and different structures by the utilization of physical laws, mathematical or numerical equations and hypotheses of mechanics. Civil Engineers use the accessible resources to finish the project in the given time compass keeping in view the time, environmental issues, exenditures and physical perils of project." (Merritt, Loftin, 2003)
As the December 2009, according to the United States department for labor of statistics, A civil engineer in the US earn between $48,140 and $115,630 per annum (bottom and top 10% percent of earning respectively). The main salary for civil engineer is $74,600 per annum.
As stated by their facts, the mean salary for Civil engineers in 2010 with a four years bachelor degree was $77,560 for every year. For those that…

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