History of Civil War

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Unfortunately, our modern society has been marred with war and strife over its eventful lifespan. A civil disagreement, when accompanied by mass offenses, often ends with deadly war. Throughout history, many nations have been unable to solve their personal grievances with one another in a diplomatic manner. In many instances are solves through protest, boycotts and other contentious means. However, in some instances, society elects the worst possible alternative, which is often war. In retrospect, wars have been fought for many worthwhile causes, even by today's standards. Wars have been fought over liberty, injustice, the potential threat to national security and more. However, no war is more damaging than those that are civil. Brother against brother, father against father, neighbor against neighbor. These are often the most bitter of wars simply because they are so personal and contentious. As is the case with the American Civil War of 1861-1865, the varying degrees of hatred and disagreement resulting in massive deaths. Due primarily to the civil nature of the war, many lives were lost in an unnecessary and often brutal manner.
To begin, the civil was occurred between the yeas 1861 and 1865. The war was fought over a noble cause, with was the abolishment of slavery. During this period, the south has seceded from the Nation as it was opposed to the abolishment of slavery. The south relied heavily on slave labor for its economic activity and prosperity. Slave labor, at

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