History of Colloidal Mills Essay

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Colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid.
It is mainly reduces the solids which are present n the suspensions or emulsions or the reduction the droplet size in the suspensions. It is almost used for the all types of materials for the reduction.

Collidal mills
The Rolls Royce of Mixers the high shear colloidal mixer as used by Team Mixing Technologies, is the leading colloidal mixer in the industry by most grouting experts world-wide.
High-shear colloidal mixers are internationally recognized as the most efficient method of mixing cement-based grouts and other materials. Colloidal mixing results in very stable mixes which resist bleed and water contamination.
The invention concerns a colloid mill in which the material to be treated mixed with mill bodies,
It is an aim of this invention to avoid these inconveniences by the fact that the sieve or filter rotates, the sieve or filter openings being provided on the circumference of a separator device. All the above mentioned disadvantages of mills can be avoided in this way.
The colloidal mill is used in the reduction of the particles or solid materials which are present in the suspensions or emulsion.
The shearing is the mechanism in the colloidal mill. By the stator and the rotor present in the cylindrical vessel of the colloidal mill the shearing take place and the reduction of the particles takes place.

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