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HISTORY OF COMPUTER THE PRE-MECHANICAL AGE: 3000 B.C. – 1450 A.D. 1. Writing and Alphabets – Communication First development of signs corresponding to spoken sounds, instead of pictures, to express words. Around 2000 B.C., Phoenicians created symbols that expressed single syllables and consonants (the first true alphabet) The Greeks later adopted the Phoenician alphabet and added vowels; the Romans gave the letters Latin names to create the alphabet we use today. 2. Paper and Pens – input technologies. Sumerians’ input technology was a stylus that could scratch marks in wet clay. About 2600 B.C., the Egyptians wrote on the papyrus plant. Around 100 A.D., the Chinese made paper from rags, on which…show more content…
1906 Lee De Forest invented the Vacuum tube. This was important because it provided an electrically controlled switch; a necessity for digital electronics computer. History of the computer electronic age - Presentation Transcript HISTORY OF THE COMPUTER THE ELECTRONIC AGE 1941-PRESENT 1941: KONRAD ZUSE Built the first programmable computer called the Z3, capable of following instructions . Z3- was the first fully functional, PROGRAM CONTROLLED computer of the world. Z1 Z3` 1942-Howard Hattaway Aiken A student of Harvard University built the Mark I “ The First Stored-Program Computer. ASCC Harvard Mark 1 is 8 feet tall, 51 feet long, 2 feet thick, weighed 5 tons, used about 750,000 parts, 500 miles of wires, 3-5 seconds per calculation. A- Automatic S-Sequence C-Controlled C-Calculator 1942: John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry Completed the first all-electronic computer, called the ABC Computer, it was the first computer to use electricity in the form of vacuum tubes to help make electric computation possible. This is used for solving complex system of equations. ATANASOFF BERRY THE FOUR GENERATIONS OF DIGITAL COMPUTING THE FIRST GENERATION COMPUTERS: 1951-1958 VACCUM TUBES AS THEIR MAIN LOGIC ELEMENTS. PUNCH CARDS TO INPUT and EXTENALLY STORE DATA. ROTATING MAGNETIC DRUMS FOR INTERNAL STORAGE OF DATA PROGRAMS. First generation computer had vacuum tubes, resistors, and welded metal joints. They were large, slow,

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