History of Computers: 3D Printing

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Computers are everywhere, they are in homes, they are at schools, and most of people even carry them around on us everyday. But it was not always like this. As strange as this might sound, there was a time when a single computer would take up an entire room and still not be able to do a fraction of what an iphone can do. So how did people get from a computer taking up an entire room just to do basic things, from being able to do about anything on a small device in peoples pockets? Well, the most basic answer is advancement; the human race is moving forward everyday and what is in movies, about having holographs and robots, are a lot closer than many may think. This will be a guide through time itself as it will look at some of the first…show more content…
(Computer History) (Kim Ann Zimmermann). We are now at 1974 where Researchers at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center created the first workstation computer with a mouse built in called the Alto (Lau and Boyko). One thing that was unique about this computers is that it wa able to stored several files simultaneously in windows, had menus and icons, and could even link to a local area network (Lau and Boyko). One thing that seems strange is that they, for some reason, never sold this computer commercially but they did give some of these computers free to various universities (Lau and Boyko). But even though this was not sold Engineers later on used some of the things in this computer on later models of computers later on(Lau and Boyko). 1977 is the year when people actually start seeing personal computers go on to the market and actually start becoming a reality. The first of them was The Commodore Personal Electronic Transactor or The Commodore PET for short(Lau and Boyko). Another personal computer that came out in 1977 is the Apple II (Lau and Boyko). The Apple II was one computer that was an instant hit. The reason for this computers great success is because of all the features it had including: printed circuit motherboard, switching power supply, keyboard, case assembly, manual, game paddles, A/C power cord, and cassette tape with the computer game "Breakout” (Lau and Boyko). But that was not the only
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