History of Dance

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Custom Research Material Provided by Student Network Resources, Inc. A History of Dance The cultivation of dance in black communities across the United States over the decades reflects the varied styles, influences and expressions utilized by this art form. "Dance Black America" is a documentary that chronicles the exploration of dance through a festival hosted by the State University of New York and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The film delves into the history, nature, and portrayal of dance, while simultaneously acknowledging the dancers and choreographers who have nurtured it into popularity. The artistic expression of dance can communicate not only human emotions and actions, but also one's sense of community. The Jazzy Jumpers of Brooklyn employed their free -style jump roping to convey a form of neighborhood pride and unity. Each dancer watches and listens to their teammates, encouraging, directing, alerting one another to their next move. If one jumper missteps or miscalculates their footing, the entire team is forced to stop. The four jumpers are in constant movement, rotating from jumper to rope swinger, the slap of the rope against the stage acting as a metronome, counting off each step. They occasionally glance to the audience, but for the most part this is a private, deeply concentrated effort for which viewers are lucky to witness. Each girl pushes herself and it is that determined, focused effort that conveys the message of pride. Garth Fagan's dance,
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