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Dr D Shina
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The history of electricity can be traced back to the eighteenth century. The first instance of sensing the phenomenon of electricity was the accidental observation of what was later found out to be neon glow by Framas Bauksbw in 1709 at the Royal Society in London. Luigi Galvani observed moving of the legs of a dead frog when touched with a metal scalpel. This also was later found to have happened due to production of electricity by chemical process. Almost at the same time, Alessandro Volta made the first form of battery. Thus a new phenomenon, the Electric current, was produced which paved the
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The emergence of more Power Stations and Transmission lines throughout the country didn’t take much time. Till 1948, Electricity generation, transmission and distribution were governed by Electricity Act 1910. The Government used to give licences for generation, transmission and distribution of power. But this type of approach was not conducive to a balanced and sufficient growth in this key sector. There was absence of co-ordination and a meaningful orientation for fast development of the power sector. The importance of electricity industry was duly recognized by that time and an active role in the field was taken by the government.

State Electricity Boards

When India got independence, the installed capacity of the country was a meagre 1940 MW. The enacting of the Electricity Supply Act 1948 paved the way for establishing the State Electricity Boards. It was a major keystone in the history of Electricity in India, which brought this prime industry under the public sector. There were major steps in the legal framework for the power sector. The whole picture of enactments in the sector will be dealt with in detail, later in this chapter.

The State Electricity Boards presented a commendable picture in the growing independent India. Till now, the State Electricity Boards ran the show,

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