History of Engineering

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Engineering has dated back to a time long ago. The concept of engineering has been present since ancient times. People have been making fundamental inventions The pulley, lever, and and wheel, although simple ideas, have a modern definition of engineering. Engineers in the Ancient Era were mainly used for building and supervising the pyramid constructions. Different civilizations used engineering in different ways. Ancient Greece made machines in both public and military fields. Archimedes was known for the creation of the Antikythera mechanism, which was the first known computer model. Archimedes was a Greek who lived from 287 BC - 212 BC. Archimedes also takes credit for the invention of gears. Chinese and Roman armies made…show more content…
The study of failed products is forensic engineering. It is often used to evaluate disasters. Bridge collapses are examples of forensic engineering. Safety is taken very seriously in engineering. All products have a factor of safety just in case it fails. The problem with safety factors are that they make the products less efficient. Engineers try to make products as efficient as possible. Engineers make specifications based on limits of what is needed and what is available. Engineers have to be able to see restraints on designs. Some of the biggest constraints include: cost, safety, marketability, and productability. Constraints may also include resources, ideas, and technical limitations. Engineers often use scale models. Engineers use prototypes, simulations, nondestructive and destructive tests. Engineers normally predict how well the well the product will perform before a full scale is made. Engineers take the responsibility of a product doing poorly than tested. Often times engineers have to find the best possible solution of many Math models and equations are used to test potential solutions tasks to identify, understand, and interpret designs are used to find a successful result. Math and physics are often used in engineering. Science and engineering both go through observations of materials in the world Both Science and engineering use math to analyze and solve observations Scientists and
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