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One can imagine that games have been played throughout human history. Beginning as soon as there was a moment of leisure time not devoted to survival; as soon as a communications between individuals got beyond the basics of conveying elementary needs and movements, into realm of invention and ideas. It’s a fact that games are played between babies and their parents from the first months of life, beginning with peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake and working up to hide-and-seek just as soon as a toddler is mobile. Games seem to be part of our nature, probably because they severed a useful purpose (learning skills strategic thinking) all while being fun.
Basically, board games are divided into three types of games: luck, strategy, and knowledge. Board
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The specific rules and game play of Senet is debatable today, but it’s certain that Senet is a game of chance. The game of Senet all would depend on who you see it does know if you think it is debatable. Documents were also found stating the interest of the locals in board games, but it’s believed that commoners simply didn’t have enough time and recourses to sit down and play them. Board games were a favorite pastime in Egypt, and Senet was the most popular of these. It was played by two people either on elaborate carved and inlayed board like the one found in Tutankhamen’s tomb, or simply scratched into the earth. The oldest known representation of Senet is in a painting from the tomb of Hesy, from 2686 B.C.
Even in the Bronze Age there was more to life than work. Excavations at a burial site in South-east Turkey have revealed a set of 49 sculpted pieces that may once have been used in board games. They are among the oldest evidence of such games ever found. Some students at a university in Turkey made a find during excavations of a 5000-year-old burial. According to Discovery News; the stone pieces which were found gathered together in a cluster, show a bewildering array of shapes and styles. Some are craved into elaborate pigs and dogs. Where other game pieces are simpler in a craving of pyramids and bullet-shaped.
One popular game from this time is Alquerque. Alquerque originated in the

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