History of Graphic Design

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History Graphic Design History Graphic Design Similarities of Different Graphic Designs Graphic design is an art that entails visual communication, which tends to combine words, images or even an idea in an effort to bring out some information to an audience. Graphic designers effectively put their art and profession mainly in the design of graphics, logos, and posters among other forms of visual communication. In addition, these designers assist in creation of continuity among the different instruments of communication. Principles of graphic design and elements of graphic design are what graphic designers commonly utilize (Lupton et al, 2008). As years go by, different types of graphic designs evolve and develop. The development of any art is dependent on how well the members of the profession are effective in the communication of their ideas, practices, trends as well as research involved. With time, graphic design has evolved to several periods among them manuscript design, renaissance, industrial revolution art nouveau Swiss style among others (Arntson 2012). Some of these periods relate in some common characteristics. In reviewing the several similarities between art and craft graphic design and the art nouveau periods, each of the periods is briefly explained and then the overall similarities are obtained. Art and craft graphic design Originally developed in England in the 19th century, art and craft was later taken by designers from America, which made a
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