History of Health Insurance Essay

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Healthcare didn’t always exist in the United States. Before the 1920’s, most people didn’t have health coverage. Most people were treated at home and hardly anyone, except a few large employers offered healthcare. Everyone else paid out of pocket. As the population shifted from rural areas to urban centers, families lived in smaller homes with less room to care for sick family members (Faulkner 1960, p. 509). Increasing requirements for licensing and accreditation, in addition to a rising demand for medical care, eventually led to rising costs. By the end of 1920s, there was an increased demand for medical care and the costs of medical care increased.
During the time of the Great Depression and after, medical service plans grew. In the
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Also, a lack of insurance is a huge financial burden for individuals and their families. Lack of health insurance has social consequences, as well. Some diseases are highly contagious and can be spread easily to family members, friends, colleagues, co-workers and others, one may come in contact with. With health insurance, these contagious diseases can be contained and cured or treated more quickly and cost-effectively. People without health insurance have limited, reduced access to services of preventive care, like cancer screening.
Moreover, the benefits of expanding coverage outweigh the costs for added services. [4] Safety-net care from hospitals and clinics improves access to care but does not fully substitute for health insurance. These findings are supported by much research, although some cautions are appropriate in using these results. People with health insurance are protected against uncertain and high medical expenses and are more likely to receive needed and appropriate health care. In addition, having health insurance is associated with improved health outcomes and lower mortality, so employees with health insurance are more likely to be productive workers. You do not pay income tax on health insurance benefits so it is more valuable per dollar than the same amount in taxable pay. [5]

How Health Insurance Works
Companies provide employees with health insurance and health care benefits. What happens is

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