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This research paper is going to discuss facts about hockey and rules of hockey and the history of hockey.
NHL Hockey and Olympic hockey are very different due to each league having their own style of play. In Olympic hockey Fighting is frowned upon, those who fight receive a penalty match, and will be ejected from the game. In the NHL fighting, is what most fans come to watch fighting allowed and after the fight is over all players involved in the scuffle will be penalized and put into the penalty box? The penalty box is where players have to sit after a fight and other behavior infractions for a certain amount of time.

Tied games in the Olympics is followed by ten minutes of sudden death, in the NHL, the game stays in the extra period
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All of the rosters of the twelve teams have at least one NHL player on its roster. However, the NHL is thinking about not letting its players play in the Olympics because it cuts into the season, and there is a risk of getting there star players injured.
When Team USA beat the Soviet in 1980 it was important for the US hockey world because that team was seeded seventh entering the game against the Soviet Union. During the 1980 Olympic run the average was 22 and all the players were that year were both amateur and college players and the Soviet’s team was mainly professional and experienced players. This win gave coach Herb Brooks a place in history because he did something no other USA coach has done for the last twenty years and that is beat Russia, and he was named sportsman of the year in 1990.
In the Olympics for Hockey, they take the helmet and protecting the face rule very serious. During warm-ups, it has been required that all players wear helmets. If a player is not wearing his helmet correctly during the game, the game will be stopped and the player is penalized. The NHL is a little bit easier on players, it’s not required like in the Olympics where players have to wear a helmet during pre-game and if your helmet comes off in the during NHL play the game continues.

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