Essay about History of Home Schooling

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History of Home Schooling

Before public schools emerged, children were educated in the home by their parents. They were taught arithmetic, practical skills, and to read and write. Some wealthy families preferred hiring a tutor for their children (Koetzsch, 1997). In the 1840s, prominent leaders such as Horace Mann lead a movement to institute public schools in the United States (Thattai, 2001). These reformers argued that public schools would create good citizens, unite society, and prevent crime and poverty. As a result of their efforts, public elementary schools evolved in American society by the end of the 19th century. Massachusetts was the first state to pass a compulsory attendance law, ruling that all children had to
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Many parents followed Holt in his ideas about education and still home school their children based on Holt’s philosophy (Koetzsch, 1997).

The Christian home school movement began in the United States during the 1980’s. Conservative Christian families believe in a literal translation of the bible and generally have conservative social views. Public schools and American society are a threat to their beliefs and values. Conservative Christians believe that public schools are anti-religious, dominated by materialism, plagued by violence, full of sexual promiscuity, and plagued by drug use. Approximately 80 percent of home schooled children are Conservative Christians (Koetzsch, 1997). By the late 1980’s, many parents were turning to home schooling as an alternate form of education. By 1998, all fifty states had laws allowing home schooling (Koetzsch, 1997).

Advantages and Disadvantages to Home Schooling

There are many reasons why parents decide to home school their children. Home schoolers can be divided into two main groups, ideologues and pedagogues. Ideologues home school their children for religious purposes. Pedagogues home school because they believe they can teach their children better than public or private institutions (Thomas, 1998). Parents decide to home school due to religious reasons because parents have
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