History of Home Schooling and Public School Education

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Education systems have existed since ancient times. Historians claim that there was schooling in Egypt 5000 years ago. Generally, education is a way of learning skills and information. During the Medieval Ages religious schools, where children learned religion and some sciences as philosophy, literature, astronomy and mathematics, were more popular. But the wide use of schools is related to the development of society in XIX century. Nowadays, these schools are called public schools and they provide education to all children. After a while, parents and students found some negative sides of traditional schooling system. They searched for alternative education systems to evade problems. In the world practice these two systems diverse in several criteria, such as learning conditions and resources. However, they have common points in benefits of the two education systems. The most notable difference is learning conditions. While being home schooled, students often study individually. They are isolated from the society and have lack of interaction with other students. Some home schooled students participate in social activities and in field trips. In these activities students share similar and common ideas. Also, they learn, research and improve their skills themselves. Moreover, in some cases their tutors are not professional in teaching methods, as it is not an important condition in education system. According to Michael H. Romanowski, Ph. D. of Miami University, only ten

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