History of Hotel Sector Development in Riga

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Introduction 3 1. First Inns, Pubs and Taverns in Riga and Latvia 4 2. Hotel Development in 18th-19th century 6 2.1.Common characteristics 6 2.2. Hotel St. Petersburg 7 2.3. Hotel “Stadt London” 8 2.4. Hotel “de Rome” 11 3. Hotel Industry during period of First Independence 13 4. Hotel Industry during the Soviet Union 15 4.1. Common characteristics 15 4.2. Hotel “Daugava” 16 4.3. Hotel “Ridzene” 17 5. Hotel Development in period of transition, and, after joining EU 19 Conclusions 23 Bibliography 25 Introduction The theme of this Study Paper is „History of Hotel Sector Development in Riga” . The aim of this Study paper is „ Characteristics and analysis of Hotel Development in Riga in…show more content…
Travellers could stay at Wayside Inn up to eight days, exceptions were seasonal workers, who stayed for a longer time. Prominent guests, who arrived in the city , mainly stayed at well-known Riga’s houseowners. Since 1642 Russian trademen had their own „Moscow House”, a year later ‘Jewish House”was built. In the beginning of 17th century, Town Council established hotel, but soon it was liquidated as expenses were greater than incomes. [ 6, pgs.116-117] In 17th century,at so-called Swedish Time, Latvian Inns, for the first time, were obeyed to some kind of established procedure,that happened, when King of Sweden ordered to arrange post stations at wayside inns which were located near by major roads. Post station task was to provide the state couriers with horses and to make sure they are fed and rested.At the same time these wayside inns served other travellers. During „Swedish Time” inns in Riga developed quite widely. [ 7, pg.30] There is lack of further information in regard to Initial form and performance of the first Inns, Pubs and Taverns. 2. Hotel Development in 18th-19th century 2.1.Common characteristics In 18th century, when german privileges were increasing, farmers slowly were losing not only inn-keepers rights , but also the right to brew the beer and distil spirits for their own need. In 1753, The Great Guild again tried to detract latvians with the rights in regard to inn-keeping, so soon inn-keeping was announced to

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