History of Hrd in India

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History of HRD in India | It was 25 years ago that our country witnessed the emergence of a new HRD culture in our country with Prof Udai Pareek and Prof T.V.Rao heading the movement. What started as a "Review Exercise of the Performance Appraisal System" for L&T by two consultants, Prof Udai Pareek and Prof T.V. Rao from the Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), resulted in the development of a new function - The HRD Function. In the early seventies, this company, in association with IIMA the reviewed all aspects of its operations. In 1974, the consultants studied the organisation and prepared a new integrated system called Human Resource Development ( HRD) System. This was probably the first of its kind in…show more content…
After L&T accepted and started implementing their recommendations in full the State Bank of India the single largest bank and it’s associates decided to implement the Integrated HRD System approach and decided to create a new HRD department. By the mid 80′s a large number of organizations in India had established fully fledged HRD departments .In 1979 the first workshop on HRD was conducted by IIM A by Dr. T.V.Rao , where the draft of the book Designing and managing Human Resource System was presented and tested. After that a large number of companies started showing interest in having HRD departments.
However over the period of time HRD as a concept and practice have gone through different stages of metamorphosis. In the mid-70s HRD departments were started with a view to promote competence-building and work motivation. The need was fulfilled to a large extent by the late 80′s. By the early 90′s, the focus of HRD changed from HR for it’s own sake to HR for business. Today in globally competitive market it’s presence and role is well understood.
HRD defined in different parts of the world
Len Nadler, USA defined it as a series of organized activities conducted within a specified period of time and designed to produce behavioural change. Common activities in HRD include Training , Education and development. Training to improve job performances,education to improve competency not specific to any one
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