History of Ian Fleming Essay

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History of Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming not just created the character of James Bond; he personified him by living an exciting life. With his suave style and long history of lavished background he was almost born into the part of his later creation.
Ian Fleming was born on May 8th, 1908 to his father, Valentine Fleming, and his mother, Beatrice Fleming (Lycett 12). He was the grandson of the famous Scottish banking pioneer, Robert Fleming (Rosenberg 5). Ian also had three brothers named Peter, Richard, and Michael. He hated his brother Peter during most of his childhood. This was due to his brother being very successful in academics and got his fathers attention. Fist fights usually broke out between the two of them (Lycett 15). He
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Ian enrolled in Sandhurst: Royal Academy. He did much better in his studies since there were no women around the college. There he took the final military exams and scored very poorly. He was in danger of not graduating but there was an essay section of the test that enabled him to take a job as a reporter for the British Navy. Ian took on the job with great ease. He outsmarted the older, much more experienced by getting the information to the press much faster than any other reporter. Official were impressed with his work and promoted him straight to lieutenant on the Royal Navy. He was stationed on the HMS Repulse. His main job was to plan operations and attacks. He was not comfortable at all. Ian wrote poetry about his father's death during his service on the ship. He wouldn't show the poetry to anyone. During a mission that Ian had planned out himself, a crew member had committed mutiny and was later found to be a spy for the Germans. Ian fought in hand to hand combat with him and took him into custody. He even interrogated the man himself.

Another mission that was unrelated took Ian to Jamaica. He had fallen in love with the land. He bought a beach house on a comfortable lot near the beach so that he could live there once his naval term was up. He called the house "Goldeneye' because of the wonderful view every room in the house had. Ian lived in Goldeneye two months a year until his naval term was over and he could live there permanently.
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