History of Iv Therapy in the Philippines

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Historical Background ORIENTATION TO THE COURSE STATUS OF IV THERAPY IN THE PHILIPPINES HISTORY OF IV THERAPY IN THE PHILIPPINES Philosophy * Envisions itself to be a cohesive, pro-active, professional association, committed to excellence in nursing. * Believes that safe and quality nursing care to patients is the primary responsibility of nurses. * Believes that those who practice I.V. therapy nursing are only those R.N.s who are adequately trained and have completed the training requirements prescribed by ANSAP. * RA 7164 – The Philippine Act of 1991 Sec. 27 (a) Art. V states that I.V. injection is within the scope of nursing practice. * 1993 – Nursing Standards on Intravenous Practice was established. * October 1993 –…show more content…
Therefore.. NURSING ETHICS is concerned with the principles of right conduct as they apply to the nursing profession. NURSES and PEOPLE – * Values, customs and spiritual beliefs held by individuals are to be respected. * Nurses hold in strict confidence personal information acquired in the process of giving nursing care. NURSES AND PRACTICES * Nurses are accountable for their own nursing practice. * Nurses maintain or modify standards of practice within the reality of any given situation. * Nurses are the advocates of the patients. * Nurses are aware that their actions have professional, ethical, moral and legal dimensions. NURSES AND CO-WORKERS * Nurses maintain collaborative working relationships with their co-workers and other members of the health team. * They recognize their capabilities and limitations in accepting responsibilities and those of their co-workers when delegating responsibilities to them. NURSES AND SOCIETY * Nurses are contributing members of society. They assume responsibilities inherent in being members and citizens of the community/society in which they live/work. * Nurses recognize the need for change and initiate, participate, and support activities to meet the health and social needs of the people. NURSES AND THE PROFESSION * Nurses are expected to be members of professional organizations of nurses. * Nurses help to determine and
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