History of Law Enforcement Systems

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London had the first police force which was established in 1829. The rule of law existed in the thirteenth century England. Maintenance of order, police abuse, and the rule of law also existed in the thirteenth-century England. There are many different types of agencies like county sheriff, city police, FBI highway patrol and more.FBI is more for a higher rank and they get paid more than just a regular city police. Recruiting better qualified people to serve as police .Each of these different types of authorities have their own responsibilities; the first police force was under the control of democratically elected officials. There are many police in the world. In fact the very first police force was formed in 1829 in. Without police in the world there will be so much chaos all over. Polices is always down talked because of many different reasons and people feel that the only thing that they are good for is harassing people but polices jobs are to help people and they can be very helpful . There are systems that existed before the thirteenth century that was made for protecting citizens. There is a system called the frankpledge system that required that groups of ten families, called tithing’s, agree to uphold the law, keep order, and bring violators to a court. Everybody that was males who is above the age of twelve years old is apart of the frankpledge system. England developed a system in which individuals were chosen within each community to take charge of
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