History of Medicine Essay

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The practice of medicine has been shaped through the years by advances in the area of diagnostic procedures. Many of these advances were made possible by scientific breakthroughs made before the 20th century. Modern medicine arguably emerged. Both normal and abnormal functions (physiology and pathology) were increasingly understood within smaller units, first the tissues and then the cells. Microscopy also played a key role in the development of bacteriology. Physicians started to use stethoscope as an aid in diagnosing certain diseases and conditions. New ways of diagnosing disease were developed, and surgery emerged as an important branch of medicine. Above all, a combination of science and technology underpinned medical knowledge and…show more content…
By using their microscopes, they found that every living plant and animal they examined was made of cells. As microscopes were improved, scientists were able to see smaller and smaller organisms. They found that no matter how large or small the organism was, it was made of cells, leading to cell theory. For example, a German biologist, Theodor Schwann discovered that all plant and animal cells were divided into cells by looking through his microscope. He also discovered that the cell is the basic unit of organization in organisms. Cells can be grouped together to form tissues, which can in turn be grouped together to make an organ. Organs can be grouped together to form a system, which is part of an organism. He was able to use microscopes to see the ways that cells work and help to determine which kind of microorganisms (bacteria) is causing the disease and making people ill. This is particularly valuable in the study of the components of organisms, where physicians are able to overcome a treatment of method to kill disease cells and restore people¡¦s health. The microscope revealed not only the cellular structure of human tissues, but also the organisms that cause diseases. The discovery of cells led scientists to study cells and discover more information about cells; this, allowed scientists to find ways to prevent or cure diseases. The use of microscopes has made many
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