Essay History of Michigan

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1.The term "Three Fires" refers to the dominant tribes in Michigan during the early 1600s. The three tribes were: A) Sauk, Fox, and Algonquin B) Cherokee, Shawnee, and Sioux C) Ottawa, Chippewa, and Potawatomi D) Iroquois, Delaware, and Miami 2.How long had Native Americans lived on the North American continent before the first Europeans arrived? A) 8,000 years B) 14,000 years C) 10,000 years D) 5,000 years 3.In Carl Sandburg's poem, "Four Preludes on Playthings on the Wind," words left behind in the ruins of an ancient civilization proclaim, "We are the greatest city, they greatest nation: nothing like us ever was." Sandburg includes a definite statement about the past--what is it? A) The past is gone. B) The past is nothing but the…show more content…
What tribe was the Mohawks' powerful ally? A) Iroquois B) Sioux C) Ottawa D) Delaware 12.In 1661, King Louis XIV's chief minister, Jean Baptiste Colbert, sought to import furs from France's colony in the New World, as well as use it as a source for "naval stores." What are "naval stores?" A) mercantile (retail) establishments where colonists could purchase a boat or ship B) mercantile establishments set up especially for naval officers and sailors C) raw materials (trees, tar, turpentine, iron, etc.) that could be used to build ships D) large warehouses and docks where naval ships could be tied up when not in use 13.Between 1665-1670, Jean Talon was the first and perhaps greatest INTENDANT (an administrator, similar to a governor)ever to serve in New France. Talon planned to increase the colony's population and make it economically self-sufficient by providing colonists with free transportation and free land. In addition, Talon also brought nearly 1,000 what to the colony? A) horses, to be used for farming B) "King's Daughters"--orphan girls and daughters of poor families in search of husbands and a new life C) Musketeers--professional soldiers trained in the use of muskets D) "King's Sons"--orphan boys and sons of poor families in search of wives and a new life 14.Why did Jean Baptiste Colbert want to restrict the fur trade in New France in 1661? A) he feared it would draw all the healthy young men away from their farming activities B)
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