History of Milkyway Yougurt Essay example

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Milkyway Yogurt (Milkyway Industries)
History of the business.
First they started the company in year 1995. It was started by Mr.Siripala de Silva who was the father of 3 children of a normal family, 2 boys and a girl. He was a farmer. At first they only sold fresh milk which took from their three cows, but because of the requirement of the village people they bought another three cows and started to sell fresh milk all over the village.
First only the father sold the milk around the village, but because of the high demands to their product his son too started to help his father by selling those milk around the village. First they had only 2 bikes, but in the year 1999 they bought a new mini lorry to sell the milk .
As they were having a good income, it was not a hard thing to maintain their vehicle and cows and everything. In the year 2002 they registered their company as “Fresh milk products” and they built a shop in the town. It was not big, but they quickly took the customer’s attention because of the quality of the milk. But unfortunately in 2004, the father, Mr.Siripala was died because of Tsunami Disaster. and they lost their lorry too. After that for several months, they had shut down the shop and stopped their business for a while. In the year 2005, the older son took back all the responsibilities of the business. But because he was a drug addict, the whole business was started to falling down. And they couldn’t pay the bank loans.
But before it…