History of Modern Computing

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Computer has been an important gadget in many peoples life. Computers come in various design, size and types. For example, there are computers that needs to be placed on the desk or on a flat surface like the desktop computer and the laptops. Where else we have the computers that can be carried along with us like the mobile phones and tablets. Computers are so important that it is used to communicate by billions of people. For example people use computer for far distance communication like sending emails to friend and workmates or talking to family members at any time without restriction and this is really convenient. Computers are also used for working purpose like the consumer using it for business, employees to employers as well as customers. (Gary B.Shelly 2011). Computers are also used for education in schools, library, and at homes as well by students, adults and kids. Computer is a very helpful medium to learn knowledge and information. In this 21st century, nothing works without the basic knowledge in computer for example a small shop uses computer to keep the records of thing that they have sold and even a road site food stall uses the calculator which is also a computer to count the price. Compare to the past era children used to play out door games but in recent era children prefer to play indoor with their computers. Today I will be writing about the modern history of computing since it is really important to know the history of computer.

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