History of Music Education in America

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America has a great history from the beginning. It began with the migration of people from Europe. They colonized the states and began life there. They eventually fought for their freedom and now are the United States of America. Within this history is another profound history, which is the history of music education in America. Music education has changed and grown dramatically from century to century from the 18th century to present times. Each century show a great moment and growth in the history of music education. This paper will show how music education has grown from the 18th century. 18th century The 18th century can be considered the beginning of centered music education. The reason for this is because of the great decline of…show more content…
This is not the only sighting of school expansions. In 1832, the Boston Academy of Music was founded. The Academy not only promoted singing instruction but they also promoted the study of music and related theory. This school is one school that can be shown that showed the improvement from one century to the next. This school shows the expansion from simple fundamentals and just reading music to the study of music. One of the founders of this school served a great role at this time. His name was Lowell Mason. Around this time he was the leader of American church music. He composed over 1600 hymns. Along with this he wrote and published a text titled, Manuel of Instruction. This Text started to be adopted out in places outside of the academy and started to adopt the text for their classrooms. Because of this text, Mason was then allowed to formally teach music to students at the Hawes school. This moment marks the start of music education in American public schools. It became so successful that the local school committee push for music education to be included as part of the syllabus. This is the first time that this had been seen. Eventually as years past and it became more refined; it was added in the school’s curriculum for all ages of students. This success in Boston showed as a standard that other school districts could look at and look up to. This led to music
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