History of Nfl

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The Game That Changed the United States

“There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe and you can get the job done.” Johnny Unitas.
The conceit in people only assures them a strong attitude and a massive ego. Confidence on the other hand will be the player who believes they are good enough and have the ability to play the game with passion. Some professional football players believe that they are too good to not be paid the incredible amount that they already are given, and America’s economy is very much impacted by the NFL. The National Football League has given countless citizens jobs, including those that play professional football. It also provides amazing
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These items, when purchased at the stadiums, have a tax on them, when the fans buy their favorite apparel at the fan shops, they are truly helping the community to fix roads and other community jobs paid for by taxes that are paid.
Another way the National Football League has affected the U.S.is a social matter. Whether it is the tourism, advertisements or the advancements in video games and television, the NFL has left a foot print on America socially. An example of the impact the NFL has on tourism is when people all over the country travel to go watch their favorite teams play football. The majority enjoy a cold beer and the intense roughness of the crowds during the football games. The competitiveness and massive stadiums full of people are an example of the way the NFL has changed the U.S. socially. Numerous people also enjoy watching the football games on television. Today there are a huge number of advertisements and channels that have to do with the football games taking place. When the big game is on television on Sundays, a lot of families enjoy having small parties. Kids from California to Maine are enjoying the advances in technology. The NFL is helping to make video games for children’s entertainment world wide. Madden is a good example of how professional football has impacted the progression in technology.
Lastly, the NFL has impacted both physical and mental

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