History of Nhl

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The largest hockey league in the world is the National Hockey League. The league was introduced in 1917, and originally had only five teams. Today it has grown to far greater proportions, now boasting 30 teams, each with an 82 game season, and if a team makes the playoffs, there can be up to another 28 games played on top of that. "The NHL is an elite league that houses only the best players from around the world" (History). The rules used in the NHL are generally used as the standard all over the world. Each game consists of three 20 minute periods, with an intermission between each period. If at the end of this 60 minute game there is a tie, there shall be an additional 5 minute overtime period during season play. If a tie is…show more content…
The player that was deprived of the scoring opportunity will be allowed to take a one on one shot on the goalie, with no interference from the other team. The shot is one single shot, once the player loses control of the puck or the goalie makes the save, the penalty shot is over (Official Rules of Ice Hockey). In order to officiate a game, there are systems that are used in order to regulate the game. The first and most basic system is the two man referee system, in which each official is a referee and a linesman, or has the power to call a penalty and watch and call the lines. In this system, each referee stays on one side of the ice, and the goal is for each to see the entire field of play. This system is generally used in youth hockey games due to the low level of contact and the minor degree of penalties, and because it is the least expensive system, as it only uses two men. The three man system is a much more effective system, utilizing two linesman, and one referee. The linesmen both patrol the blue lines, watching for off sides violations. This is the system that is used in most higher ranking leagues, such as junior hockey, it was also used in the NHL for some period of time. In the three man system, the referee no longer needs to keep his eye on the lines, he can focus completely on the game and any
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