History of Organizational Communication

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| History of the Field Reflection Paper | What is organizational communication? As a field organizational communication studies exactly what it sounds like the communication in organization. Defining the particulars of this often comes down to the researcher and the perspective that skew their opinions on the field. These subtle differences are why it takes Papa, Daniels and Spiker almost 16 pages to express their definition of their field of study. The organizational experiences of an individual have a huge influence on the individual’s opinion and definition. Despite this all communication that involves two or more members of an organization constitutes organizational communication. It does not have to pertain to the organization, but…show more content…
Organizational communication integrates a variety of communication sub sects making analysis much easier. Organizational communication gives an interesting perspective on other areas of communication as well. The stresses that occur in the workplace drive communication to be a success of failure. This mixed with the wide variety characters in the organizational melting pot it gives researchers a chance to look at interracial, interpersonal and group communication on a regular basis that otherwise would be much harder to look at. Also studying organizational communication gives companies and individuals to improve their communication and the efficiency of their business. Without communication nothing in an organization can be accomplished. Through studying organizations and then applying the results an organization can improve its profits with little cost and time. Individuals who study any communication let alone organizational communication have a huge advantage in organizational life. This is the biggest reason that I chose to study organizational communication is to give me a greater understanding of how communication works both in everyday life, but also in the professional world. As with any other young and growing field if you do not study its past you have no chance to make it. The personal and professional benefits of studying this field are amazing. With the global change from small family businesses to large
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