History of Perseus

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Throughout history, many ancient cultures created stories involving great heroes and gods to explain certain aspects of their daily lives. These stories would form an important part of the culture’s religion and are referred to today as mythology. One great hero from ancient Greek mythology is Perseus. According to both ancient standards and today’s standards, Perseus would be seen as a great hero. The many actions that Perseus is said to have done in his adventures prove his heroism. Perseus was born to Danae and the Greek god Zeus. Acrisius, the father of Danae, was told by the oracle of Apollo that Danae’s son would kill him. After finding out that Danae had her son, Perseus, Acrisius shut Perseus and Dane up in a large chest…show more content…
Before they left, Hermes told Perseus to find the Graeae and convince them to tell him where the Nymphs of the North are located. Perseus went to the Graeae cave and stole their eye, which they had to share with one another. Since Perseus threatened to destroy the eye if the Graeae did not tell him where to find the Nymphs of the North, they told him where to go. Perseus gave the eye back and flew, using the winged sandals, to where the Nymphs of the North were located. They gave Perseus the Cap of Darkness, which, “has the power to make its wearer invisible,” (Albright 2) and a magic wallet to keep Medusa’s head in. After learning where the gorgons’ lair was, Perseus flew north to the lair, put the Cap of Darkness on, and killed Medusa when she and her sisters were sleeping. He used the shield to see her reflection and the sickle to cut off her head. After putting the head in the magic wallet, Perseus flew away as soon as the other gorgons woke. On his way back to Seriphus, one adventure Perseus had was saving Andromeda, the daughter of King Cepheus of Phoenicia, from a sea monster. Perseus used Medusa’s head to turn the monster to stone. After cutting Andromeda loose, he returned with her to the king and got married to her. After competing in some games at Larisa, Perseus threw a discus which happened to hit an old man in the stands-Acrisius, which lead to the prophecy coming true. After arriving at Seriphus, Dictys told Perseus how
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