History of Persuasion Essay

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First to start off everything in life has a history of some sort and that’s the same for persuasive writing which is a form that’s used so many times by so many people. I have used this style of writing on many occasions myself when I wanted to get my point across and show others that my way of thinking was a better idea or thought process than someone else. It’s very important to understand what being persuasive really is. Persuasion in itself including writing. It’s a form of expression getting someone or reasoning with them your way of thinking on an issue or argument. The Sophists were teachers and professors who came to Greece cites. Here’s a short introduction Fifth century B.C.E. “The word sophists was still broadly applied to…show more content…
I know that writing seems to be different styles an techniques that can be used in achieving a successful way of writing. Everyone has to have a way of writing that can be able to relate to others there points of view in a nice an professional way that’s what I have seen this man do he used his gift of writing and was able to reach others in his ways of writing. I think this would change his communication and behavior because after a certain point in his writing career he was able to feel very comfortable in his work and was able to maybe say something’s that maybe some would not agree with or like but he took that risk and that’s important if you are a writer take risks. It’s about being true to yourself. I’m not sure what modern theorist that it was that I wanted to pick but I would assume that there ways of writing would be very different from someone of ancient times like Antiphon’s writing was. Why because times were very different from how things are now like issues of that time things are just dramatically different. One major thing that I loved of ancient time writers were I feel they had a better chance of saying things an people were not as sensitive to things he might have said but if he were in modern times it might be backlash to things written or said. I feel that we live in a society now where things we say
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