History of Philippine Trnslation in the Philippines

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Languages and Translations A. Spanish Language In The Philippines
Spanish was the original official language of the country for more than three centuries. It became the lingua franca of the Philippines in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Spanish began to be introduced in the archipelago after 1565 when Spanish Conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi set sail from Mexico and founded the first Spanish settlement on Cebú. Translation in the Philippines started as part of a religious undertaking. The Spanish missionaries used translation as a tool to spread Christianity among the natives, thus fulfilling a utilitarian
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Fray Pedro Chirino- retold in Spanish two legends in Panay 2. Fray Ignacio Francisco Alzina - summarized in Spanish two narrative poems in Boholano 1940 - There were six million people with Spanish speaking skills in the Philippines
1950 Census - stated that Filipinos who spoke Spanish as a first or second language made up only 6% of the population
1973 - Spanish ceased to be an official language
1987 – Spanish is a college requirement during Aquino’s administration
1990 - The census reported that the number had dwindled to just 2500

B. English Language in the Philippines
Spanish–American War of 1898 - The use of Spanish began to decline after Spain ceded the islands to the United States
English - introduced as medium of instruction, the direction of translation is now from English into Tagalog/Filipino and other Philippine languages. Translation is now a tool for liberating the masses from ignorance. Through translations, those who do not fully understand English may still benefit from the wisdom of the west through the translation into Filipino and other Philippine languages of informative materials on science and technology. In the field of education, translation is a necessary tool in the production of textbooks and reference materials in the language understandable to the greater number of the people. English is also used as intervening language in the translation into Filipino of various

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