History of Psychology Essay

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Dating back 65000 years, Aborigines have had the longest continuous culture. The Aborigines believed and lived in the ‘Dreamtime’. The ‘dreamtime’ refers to the time when land and humans were created, and when ancestors and spirits came to earth and created everything. Every tribe had their own dreamtime and was passed down through storytelling. The Aborigines connection was either through the Wandjina or the rainbow serpent depending on the tribe. For the Aboriginals the world is sacred and has to be honoured. For the Aborigines everything is related to everything else therefore man was related to fellow man, animals, stars and the cosmos (Bowles, 2010). Even the men and women were equal because they were equally divine. The Aborigines …show more content…
For the Aborigines everything has meaning and is spiritual unlike our secular society today whereby only 2% of the Britain population actually attend church. There is no gods or the spiritual world anymore. It’s all about reason and rationality. The society today tends to believe more in science than intuition.

Moving on to see how the psyche was imagined through works of Hesiod and Homer in the 7th Century B.C. Hesiod tells us that the world parents were Gaia and Uranus (Bowles, 2010). According to the module workbook Uranus was a tyrannical god and feared that his children would usurp his power and therefore he hid them in the underworld. However, one of his son Cronos came back when he got older and castrated his father. He feared the same thing like his father did and so he swallowed his children. His wife managed to save one of the children namely Zeus and sent him to be brought up by the shepherds. As we all know history repeats itself, Zeus came back and gave his father a potion to vomit the rest of the children and then castrated him. He also managed to release his father’s brothers. Psychologically if a father eats his children, it’s a metaphor for a father who tries to take over his children's’ lives i.e no space or freedom. Zeus then shared the world with his brothers and lived in Mount Olympus with his wife Hera and his children by Hera and as well as other women. Mount Olympus was believed to be the place where all the gods and goddesses lived. In the