Psy 310 History Of Psychology

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History of Psychology

History of Psychology Paper
Shirley L Nieves
October 21, 2013
Prof. Kelle Daniels

The roots of psychology date back to Egypt and the Egyptian mystery system. Psychology has evolved from philosophy, medicine, theology, and science. Psychology evolved out of coalescence of natural science, and also the branch of philosophy which is known as epistemology, which is also known in the theory of knowledge. Psychology in its early times was devote and mainly focused to understanding the mind, as well as measuring it. After this later on in time, psychology focused on understanding behavior.
In the beginning the ancient Greek philosophers had
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Democritus said “similarity creates friendship”
Alcmaeon was another; he investigated the basis for knowledge. Alcmaeon developed the two aspect theory of the soul. Plato, to me is one of the philosophers who contributed the most to psychology. Defining his aspects of the psych - reason, feeling and appetite. Plato believed that the action of human affect the mental state of individuals. Another philosopher I wanted to mention was Aristotle, who was known as the greatest systematic philosopher of antiquity. Aristotle hypothesized that the mind and the body prevail facts of the same being. The mind being simply a function of the body. Aristotle believed that intellect consisted of a) passive intellect and b) active intellect. Aristotle said that “intellect is separable, impassable, unmixed, since it is in its essential nature activity….when intellect is set free from its present conditions, it appears as just what it is and nothing more: it alone is immortal and eternal…and without it nothing thinks(Britannica online, “physiological psychology”).”
Two primary contributors to psychology were john Locke, who was known to reject the possibility of innate ideas. Locke’s entire system was dependent on association of sensations and ideas of reflection. Locke also suggested that complex emotions which were derived from pain and pleasure were indeed associated with other ideas. Alexander Bain is also another
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