History of Sacrifice and Its Influence on the Israelites

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History of sacrifice in the Ancient Near East and its influence on the Israelites Throughout the ancient Near East many different societies worshiped a variety of gods. This is based upon the belief that each one had the power to control certain aspects of everyone's lives. In many societies there were large temples erected to worship these deities and sacrifices performed. (Bratcher, 2012) For example, in the Canaanite religion they had devotion towards different gods. This is because each one controlled certain aspects of their lives. To ensure that the individual received continued stability and prosperity they would offer these deities sacrifices as a tribute. The basic idea was to keep them all happy in order to receive favorable treatment. In the event that they became upset, is when they believed that the gods would create chaos and instability. These views were based upon a social and ethical belief about life. As a result, sacrifice became a common ritual that was practiced throughout the Near East. (Bratcher, 2012) The way that this would influence the Israelites is to establish a solid belief in a single god and the practices that he has established. As far as sacrifices were concerned the practices were limited under a single god. This is because he told them, "I am the Lord your God, who will walk among you and be your God. You shall be my people." This meant that the Israelites had limited sacrifices to God. ("Exodus," 2010) (Bratcher, 2012) However,
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