History of Slave Trade

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During 1619 was the first time North America would see slaves (history.com). At the time it was unknown as to how long slaves would be kept in bondage and to labor the goods of the whites. Many slaves had been kidnapped, traded, and sold. The South was pro-slave and the reason black slaves would end up freed (Goldfield 2007). Abolitionism began during the early 1830’s when Christians realized that slavery was opposite of their belief and a sin (http://americanabolitionist.liberalarts.iupui.edu). This lead to the “Abolition Movement,” that would eventually help to free some of the slaves. Post Civil War slavery during the 17th through 19th centuries, in Southern United States, the growth of slavery, the system, free slavery, and abolitionism. Cotton production began before the early 1800’s but was at a small scale along with rice and tobacco (Goldfield 2007). It wasn’t until the early 1800’sthat cottons production would increase. Cotton became the sole source of income for the whites in the South. There was no other farming except cotton during this time. Since Cotton was the largest produced commodity it was easy to see how cotton became king. Cotton was a global leading resource using black slaves for their production. In the Lower South the soil was excellent for growing cotton. When it was realized just how well cotton grew they expanded the lands to grow cotton which meant there was a higher demand for more slaves. The maintenance of the cotton was going to require
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