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History of Solar Advancements Our sun provides us with a virtually unlimited resource that we have used for centuries in a multiple of ways. We use it to keep us warm, to grow our food and generate millions if kilowatts of electricity. Everyday the sun showers the earth with more potential energy that we produce in that day or even that week. According to the Go Solar Company (1999-2003), ”on an acre of land with the sun overhead is receiving more the four thousand horsepower, which is equivalent to a large railroad locomotive, and in less than three days of the same intensity will match the estimated total of all fossil fuels on the earth”. Many of the visionaries I will be talking about explored almost all the renewable energy…show more content…
The architecture used and in many cases was dependant on passive solar heating, which they used in their, buildings, baths and especially homes. The Greeks were the first to use solar architecture. “They oriented their houses to make use of the sun during winter, while obscuring its rays during summer … entire cities were built this way as early as 400 BC.” (Perlin, 2000). The Greek also used solar radiation in times of war, using reflective mirrors, they would concentrate the sun’s energy on raiding Roman ships, setting their fabric sails up in flame (Solar Energy Sci. 1999). The Romans were the first to use window glass to efficiently capture the heat derived by passive solar heating. A glass window allows the sunlight to come in, but traps the heat, much like your car does when it is parked in the sun. According to John Perlin (2000), passive solar heating was so important that there were laws passed prohibiting the blocking of someone’s solar access. It wasn’t until the 18th century that someone experimented with the heat that accumulates in a glass enclosed space; tanks filled with water were put inside the box that had a glass lid. The glass lid propelled the water to reach very high temperatures, that would other wise be impossible. Water has incredible latent heating potential and this was the basis for the heating system using in the glass-enclosed box. In 1909 William J. Bailey was able to separate the water heating system with a water storage

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