History of South Africa

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South Africans had been living under the system of apartheid since 1948 where citizens were divided by race and kept separate through certain system of laws which governed all aspects of daily life. Even though black people were in majority they were denied the right to vote in National elections. The educational system was designed not to educate young blacks into professionals but to prepare them to serve white upper class. Apartheid went further to divide the schools into racial groups therefore the white schools were so advantaged within resources compared to the black schools within the town of Soweto. Government also insisted that the Afrikaans language be used as the medium in all local schools which created enormous distress amongst black students. Many divisions between black and white took place in society. The black people found themselves infuriated by the fact that they were slaves in their own country of birth. It was back in 1962 that Nelson Mandela that the leader of the anti-apartheid movement was arrested and his political party the African National Congress were banned by Government. The African National Congress then chose to ignore Government and continued with their movements over the next two years. Finally government had to use brutal action against the anti-apartheid command which brought the entire movement to a complete standstill. Shortly after this standstill the young students in the township of Soweto Johannesburg managed to steadily reunite
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