History of Special Education

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History of Special Education By: Kenyata York December 5, 2012 SPE 526 ABSTRACT Individuals with disabilities have the same passion, drive, determination and ambitions of traditional students. Students living with disabilities are just as capable of learning and retaining information just like traditional students in the classroom. In today’s society, there are an abundance of laws and regulations that are in place to protect and educate individuals with disabilities. However, the idea of educating individuals with disabilities was not always a positive and fair thought in the United States. Throughout history, the laws and regulations for students with disabilities have been created to establish equality and opportunity for…show more content…
Some of the accommodations included access into buildings, ramps for wheelchairs and other physical disabilities. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 also improved integration of traditional students and those with disabilities. The importance of this section of the act was to ensure that new students who were disabled were not discriminated against and treated badly by students, staff or educators. In addition to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Handicapped Children’s Early Education Assistance Act of 1968 and the Economic Opportunities Amendments of 1972 provided early childhood programs and increased the number of enrolled Head Start children with disabilities (http://www.nrcld.org/resources/osep/historyidea.pdf). According to the article, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF PROGRESS IN EDUCATING CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES THROUGH IDEA, there were important milestones that were made by 1968 with the Federal Legislations that were passed before this year. Some of the milestones included having 30,000 special education teachers trained and also accompanying specialists that assist inside the classroom. Also there were captioned films that were view by more than 3 million students who were deaf and hard of hearing. These milestones proved that the Federal Government was moving into a positive direction to help educate our students with disabilities. In the years to come, the Federal

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