Essay on History of Special Education in Public Schools

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History of the Treatment of Special Education in Public Schools

The Educate America Act was passed in 1994 and was a step toward equality of education between children with and without disabilities. According to Olson and Platt (2000), the Educate America Act “represents a national framework for education reform to improve our system, policies, standards, and most importantly, outcomes for all students.” This legislation outlined goals that were very broad and simplistic, but also inspiring to many people. This act did not specifically address the issue of the education of children with special needs, but addressed goals of the education system and all students.

Because students with special needs need just what their label states, a
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An IEP is the outcome of a meeting of the student’s parents and educators and of the abilities the student has. The student’s abilities are evaluated based on how well he does on the assessments given (Olson & Platt, 2000). John Woodward and Larry Cuban (2001) say that when assessing a special needs student, we need to also assess their eligibility to use assistive technology. If the child will benefit from the technology, then schools need to provide that technology to the student so that he can do his best.

Who would benefit from using assistive technology? What types of special needs do these individuals have? How have we used assistive technology in the past and how will we use it in the future? What are the different views on incorporating assistive technology into the classroom? Right now, you are probably wondering all these things. In the following sections of this paper, I will attempt to address these questions as thoroughly as possible.

Different technologies are designed for different needs. Almost any individual with a disability could be assisted by a technology. There are technologies for those who are blind, hard of hearing, or confined to a wheelchair. There are also technologies that help those individuals who have developmental disabilities such as Down’s syndrome and autism and many others. Some students who need assistive technologies having academic problems; they have learning disabilities, a short attention span which leads to a

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