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History of Stem Cells

This paper will be discussing the history of stem cells. There are many different ways to collect stem cells. Stem cells can be used for either right or wrong reasons. People can either use them to cure or to cause harm. Most people use stem cells to cure fatal illnesses. The one researcher that put stem cells out in the science world so people could understand it better was Leroy Stevens. His first encounter with stem cells was with a mouse that had a teratoma.
Most people don’t understand the need for stem cells. There are many reasons why we research stem cells. Stem cells can be collected form a wide variety of places. The studies of stem cells have been around for many years. There were many
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After, exposure to a large amount of the ingredients to make cigarettes, Stevens noticed that each mouse was developing a cancerous tumor, which is called a teratoma (Kelly 23).
After the growth of a teratoma, the director of the laboratory, Dr. Clarence Cook Little, encouraged Stevens to continue in this line of research, including exploratory dissections (Kelly 23). Then he found that there were some cells that were normally found in the cardiac muscle and some other cells that did not belong there (Kelly 23). After, that discovery they named it strain "mouse 129". Stevens found that many other mice were developing teratomas (Kelly 23). This all indicated that all these mice generated a gene that would develop teratomas. Also, most of these cells had undifferentiated and differentiated cells (Kelly 23).
Ever since the research of Leroy Stevens, we have been using different methods to collect stem cells. In the beginning, after Stevens’ research, there were two groups that used different methods for gathering stem cells. One team was from Johns Hopkins Medical School, and their method for gathering stem cells was by using aborted fetuses. The second team from Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, and their method for gathering stem cells were by using the left over embryos from in vitro fertilization (Kelly 25). All the good embryos were implanted and only the inferior ones

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