History of Tattoos Essay

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Malisa Smith
The History of Tattoos
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Tattoos have been around throughout our history, from Egyptian times to the present day. Many people may say they know the history of tattoos, and where they originate from, but do they really? Does one know that there were reasons that some people had tattoos? There may be people who know the actual history of tattoos and body art and why one would decide to get one; however there are people who do not. To be able to understand the idea of tattoos, one should educate themselves to the history of tattoos. Although tattoos have been considered taboo and a stereotype, history reveals that this particular form of body art has been used for self expression, status and
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This history goes back to as early as the XI Dynasty. In 1891, Amunet, a Priestess of the Goddess Hathor, at Thebes, was discovered. According to Taylor (1998), Amunet is believed to be alive sometime between 2160 BC and 1994 BC. Amunet displays several lines and dots all over her body. The dots and dashes that were found were found in a grouping pattern. This form of tattoo is believed to only belong to women, and usually the women were associated with ritualistic practice. The Egyptians had spread the practice of tattooing throughout the word. By the year 2000 BC, the art of tattooing had stretched out all the way to Southeast Asia (Taylor, 1998). Although there is history that proves tattoos were used for many reasons, some people still fell into groups that are considered stereotypes. The stereotypes of people with tattoos were considered to be criminals, drug addicts, or habitual underachievers. There is somewhat of a statistical truth to that slander. Sadly when it came to people who had chosen to show their tattoos in public, the stereotype is all too real. That is no surprise though; people with tattoos are treated poorly by the majority. Traditionally, tattoo clientele was considered to be that of bikers, bad-boy personalities, and truckers; however all that seems to be changing. There is still the tough guy image to contend with. However, it is mostly just with the older population. Chris Weskamp told the Denver Business Journal

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